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The ownership of Greencare Landscaping brings a wealth of experience. Being the pioneers of irrigation and landscaping in the UAE, the owners have played a vital role in the development of agricultural and landscape transformation in the United Arab Emirates. Their commitment to construct world class gardens assured all its clients   a total quality service. Custom-tailored services   offered   by   a   well-trained   team, comprising of landscape   architects;   design   engineers;   project   engineers;   supervisors; and skilled workers, to   suit   the   varying   requirement   from   private   clients; municipalities, palaces to hotels and government bodies, with optimum outcomes.



The mission of Greencare Landscaping LLC is to continue to design, develop and maintain the best Landscape in United Arab Emirates. The dedicated staff is committed to maintain the highest level of professionalism while working with clients in every step to ensure a tradition of providing top-quality services.



Our Vision is to provide best quality landscaping services, making the world a greener place. We strive to enhance green aesthetic beauty. If you have desires then let us go green.



Our strengths are not just limited to tools & technologies but having a great knowledge & experience. Our people are passionate & ever enthusiastic, and we give the best on what we do. We place ourselves differently through our years of knowledge, experiences, and exposures. We collaborate with the clients and understand their vision, requirements and work accordingly.



We bring a sense of professionalism into every project that we handle. Our emphasis is to fulfill customer’s requirements and ensure their satisfaction through always providing of quality service.


Core Values

We work with great people and we work as a team

We are passionate and committed

We are competitive and consistently innovative

We are accountable to individual & team results

We are connected to each other and respect the nature


Key Differentiators

Responsibility: The fostering of a moral commitment to the worthy task of developing landscapes where life can prevail and humanity is free to quest for happiness.

Knowledge: The instilling of a lifetime motivation to seek out and understand the phenomena and processes that shapes the landscapes of our world.

Methodology: the provision of a balanced problem-solving methodology that recognizes the necessity to integrate system (science), institution (art), and ethics (philosophy) in achieving appropriate landscape designs and construction.

Years of Exp.
Happy Clients

Why Greencare?

Seven Days a Week

We highly appreciate the schedule of work of our clients and we offer round-the-clock.

All Tools Required

We have world class quality tools for each works required.

Same Day Service

If you have one specific day off, call us on the same day and we will be happy to see you.


Our professionals make sure to provide service even at challenging weather conditions

Individual Approach

Every service is strongly customised to fit all requirements with you once.

Ecofriendly Service

We at Greencare, ensure to preserve and sustain our environment and natural resources